Traditions and Events

There are numerous traditions, Festivals and folklore in Grottammare. Among these are:

July 1st, if Sundays: Holy Jubilee Year ( Sagra Gibiliare ). It is a religious event and a historical re-enactment at the same time. It is celebrated every time July the 1st happens on Sunday. This is due to Pope Alexander III, who granted this particular indulgence to the citizenship of Grottammare at the time of his passage at the end of October 1177, during some festivities ( probably the Feast of Saint Martin) who particularly struck him for pomp and popular participation. The Pope was returning by sea from Ancona after concluding the Peace of Venice with Frederick Barbarossa.

Feast of St. Paterniano: celebrations in name of the patron Saint of the city take place every year on July 10th, from about 5 centuries ( from 1570) . A solemn Celebration is celebrated by the priests of the city and then the Saint is carried in procession, which starts from the ancient village and winds throughout the city .

Holy Friday: The Death of Jesus Christ. It's a Passion play on Good Friday, which takes place every three years and to which take part in hundreds of citizens who carry in procession along the main streets of the city all the symbols of the Passion of Christ, according to a tradition which has some tracks from 1738.

November 11: Feast of Saint Martin. Of ancient, agricultural, origins, now it is a more popular holiday , with the entire town overrun by street vendors offering merchandise of all kinds. The fair is famous even outside the Piceno territory, even thanks to the bizarre "corsa dei cornuti ( people who have been cheated)" whose distant origins remain mysterious. It is said that, on November 11, all the cheated persons in the district participated in a symbolic race, the order of arrival which was posted on the doors of taverns. Others argue that it should be sought from the Lombard tradition to march to celebrate the anniversary of the Saint with great parades wearing helmets with big horns.

The first Sunday after Easter: Feast of Sant'Aureliano martyr.

The Marche and in particular the Piceno area, are a land of ancient traditions that hosts various historical and folkloric events, which attract many spectators and tourists to the occasion, even from abroad.

Really important is the Quintana Tournament in Ascoli Piceno which takes place in Summer, in July and then on the occasion of the Feast of the Saint Patron of the city, St. Emidio, at the early of August. It is a fifteenth-century chivalric game in costume, preceded and concluded by a lavish parade with over a thousand participants and enlivened by the evolutions of the flag.

Important is also the Contesa del secchio in Sant 'Elpidio a Mare ( in August ), the jousting tournament Castel Clementino in Servigliano ( always in August , the Cavalcade of the Assumption of Fermo ( which takes place in August, 15).

By ancestral origin is the Feast of the Piceni by Monterubbiano ( on the Pentecost day) which is linked to the ancient rite of "sacred spring" of the Italic peoples; the Feast of Our Lady of the Marina in San Benedetto del Tronto ( last Sunday of August), the fire Horse in Ripatransone ( the first Sunday after Easter), the Procession of the Canestrelle in Amandola ( last Sunday of August).

To the legend of the Sybil is linked the Descent of the Fairies of Pretare ( mid-August) while it originates from the battle of Lepanto the Feast of the Paio of Spelonga ( in September).

The Carnival is celebrated in all the cities but in particular in Offida, Ripatransone, Amandola and, above all, in Ascoli Piceno: no parades but a lot of of masks isolated or in groups, who flock to the Piazza del Popolo, brightly lit by magnificent chandeliers, that create an irresistible atmosphere of joy and lightheartedness.

Among the gastronomic events we must remember the Festival of the Sea in Porto San Giorgio ( during summer) with its giant pan (5 meters in diameter) used to fry the fish and the Medieval Banquet at the Castle in Trosino ( in August).

In summer in the main centers of the two Provinces there are organized cultural events ( plays, music, movies…) and sporty that have a particular appeal and are distributed in the July-September period.

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