Nature has been particularly generous in this part of the Marches region, and the people of the area wisely succeeded in completing the job. There is a splendid natural scenario that ranges from the sea, with the soft, sandy beaches of San Benedetto del Tronto and Grottammare to the harmonious green hills that stretch as far as the Monti Sibillini chain.

Each hill embraces a bit of history. The old hamlets conserve a century-old atmosphere and do not be surprised if you see the doors of the houses standing wide open, or keys hanging in the locks. In Piceno this is all quite normal.

The soft, balanced landscape is characterized by Mediterranean maquis, holm-oaks, laurels, cluster and Aleppo pines, and oaks, plane trees, elms, and mulberry trees that flank the roads leading to towns that have been inhabited for over a thousand years. At Acquaviva Picena, Monteprandone, Ripatransone, Offida and Campofilone, time seems to have stopped. These villages, surrounded by a mosaic of fields, tended by loving hands, conserve intact the charm of old-style country life. Here, the passing of seasons is marked by changing colors. In the spring, golden wheat, cornflowers, tulips and red poppies dominate the countryside, and blooming capers sprout from the cracks in old walls. In the autumn, black and white grapes peep out from rows and rows of vines. Each hamlet has its own history and traditions, but they all share one common feature: an infinite view of the sea...

The Riviera delle Palme stretches for about 47 km from the mouth of the Chienti to that of the Tronto and is outlined by a thin strip between the sea and the shallow foot of the nearby hills.

The beaches on this stretch of the Adriatic coast have predominantly a tiny sand and there is also gravel. In Grottammare, as well as in San Benedetto del Tronto, there are large rocks. The Adriatic is generally a popular tourist destination for families and in particular it is this stretch of coast with its beaches and its extensive tourist offer, that allows every visitor to enjoy romantic sunrises over the ocean, the rhythmic flow of the waves, long and relaxing walks on the shore ... all while one is "surrounded" by the hospitality and kindness of the people.

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The holiday center Dimora Di mare is located in Grottammare, on the border with San Benedetto del Tronto, in via Parini in the 3rd row of the seafront. From the complex you can also quickly reach the many shops, restaurants and entertainment venues that animate the town of the Marches.

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